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November 2015 – Interim Reports

18-Month IE Progress Report -18 month Sept 02 2015

CTRF_progress-report_hsiang Sept. 2015

drought tolerance annual report 10-15

grass species and varieties for severe winter climates -FINAL

Murray Lakehead Progress Report June15

Potassium Research Update Soldat Sept 2015



Interim Report – CTRF – Winter Hardiness

Interim Report – CTRF – Water Use goodwin-hsiang_ctrf_final_report_140428b

Final Results From CITCTS 2015

CTRF winter cover progress report 07-14-revised

CTRF winter cover annual report 12-14

CTRF Project Report – June 2014

CTRF fall fertility progress report 12-14

CTRF fall fertility progress report 07-14- revised

CTRF drought tolerance annual report 12-14


Information that was presented during a conference in Halifax (.pdf)


Irrigation Efficiency for Turfgrass Systems (.pdf)

Water Quality Monitoring for Turfgrass Systems (.pdf)

BMP’s for Turfgrass Irrigation Systems (.pdf)

Water Conservation and Management for Turfgrass Systems (.pdf)

Fertility Management for Turfgrass Systems (.pdf)

Using the Hand Feel Method to Determine Turfgrass

Irrigation Needs (.pdf)

Strategic Irrigation Practices for Improving Water Use

Efficiency in Turf (.pdf)


Enhancing the Drought Tolerance of Turf Production through the Use of Anti-transpirants (.pdf)


Implementing a Turfgrass Greenhouse Study           Summer Female Mentorship

Improved Irrigation Scheduling: Reference

Evapotranspiration for Turf Production                      NSERC     Undergraduate Summer Projects


Thatch Management of Golf Courses


NTEP Perennial Ryegrass Cultivar Trial (.pdf)

Poa annua Collection Field Turf Trial (.pdf)


Creeping Bentgrass Cultivar Evaluation Tests (.pdf)

Kentucky Bluegrass Cultivar and Mowing Height Trial (.pdf)

Comparative Growth and Development in Creeping

Bentgrass and Annual Bluegrass (.pdf)