About Us


The Atlantic Turfgrass Research Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of the turfgrass industry in Atlantic Canada.


16 June 1992: Registration of Atlantic Turfgrass Research Foundation incorporation.

22 July 1992: Became a tax-exempt status as a registered charity. Objects of the corporation are to receive all manners of charitable gifts and donations and to apply the same for charitable purchases as follows:

(i) conducting research into the growth of turfgrass and trees and the study of horticulture in all it’s aspects;

(ii) donating funds to other charitable organizations within the limits proscribed by law, for the purpose of providing for the study of and/or research into growth of turfgrass, trees and the study of horticulture in all it’s aspects; and

(iii) granting bursaries to individuals who are engaged in the study of horticulture in all aspects.

The Atlantic Turfgrass Research Foundation Inc. (ATRF Inc.) is supported by members of the Atlantic Golf Superintendents Association Inc. These members have formed a board of directors and developed a partnership with the Nova Scotia Agricultural College to further develop turfgrass research in Atlantic Canada. In 1994, with the construction of an USGA spec. research green at the NSAC campus, the Atlantic Turfgrass Research Center began.

In 1996, it was determined that fund raising was necessary to continue the growth of research. The ATRF Inc. did not have the right under it’s charter to sell services for revenues. Therefore the A.T.R.F. Membership Services Inc. became the fund raising organization of the ATRF Inc.


Chair – Kevin Wentzell

Vice Chair – Caralyn Cullen

Past Chair – Scott Larsen

Treasurer – Sue Crawford

Secretary – Mark Perry

NB Director – Pascal Richard

NS Director – Callum Haughn

PEI Director – Paul MacCormack

NFLD Director – Marc Altese

Industry Rep – Scott Shanks

Members at Large:

Ryan sherry


2013-15 Scott Larsen

2011-12 Dave Davey

2009-10 Steve Lowe

2006-09 Barry Stone

2004-06 John Mills

2002-04 Stuart Lenthall-Ascott

2000-02 Jim Nix

1997-00 Hugh Yorke

1995-97 Mike De Young

1992-95 Blake Palmer


2014 – Fox Meadow Golf Club

2013 – Chester Golf Club

2012 – Lakeside Golf & Country Club

2011 – Abercrombie Country Club

2010 – Millriver Golf Course

2009 – Hampton Golf Club

2008 Antigonish Golf & Country Club

2007 Pine Needles Golf & Country Club

2006 Stanhope Golf & Country Club

2005 Mactaquac Golf Course

2004 Ashburn Golf Course

2003 Sussex Golf & Country Club

2002 Fox Meadow Golf Course

2001 Abercrombie Golf & Country Club

2000 Rockwood Park Golf Club

1999 Summerside Golf Club

1998 Northumberland Links

1997 Abercrombie Country Club

1996 Sussex Golf & Country Club

1995 Moncton Golf & Country Club

1994 Amherst Golf Club

1993 Links at Crowbush Cove

1992 Mactaquac Golf Course